Maintaining Momentum: The 2nd International Mindfulness & Compassion at Work Summit, Madrid, 26th-27th April 2018

I’m very happy to be involved in co-creating this trailblazing event, with Luis San Martin and others, after a very successful 1st Summit last year. We’ve taken what worked really well and done even more of it this time- retreat-style away from the hustle and bustle of the City and everyday work setting; high-calibre and internationally-renowned speakers yet at the same time lots of opportunities for mindfulness and reflection; a combined focus on compassion as well as mindfulness at work; closeness to nature….

This isn’t the usual jam-packed conference leading to overload. Facilitated by Eunice Aquilina & Carrie Birmingham & others, the programme blends expert input with opportunities to be mindful & practice together, to reflect, explore & make sense individually and collectively, all in a beautiful location that lends itself to mindfulness. Weather permitting (it’ll be Spring in Spain after all), some sessions will be held outside, with views of the beautiful Guardarrama mountains.

Join us on an inspirational & nourishing journey where you’ll

  • Explore with peers how to create mindful & compassionate workplaces where all can thrive
  • Hear the latest research & practices on applying & sustaining mindfulness & compassion at work for wellbeing & resilience, agility & creativity, & engagement
  • Be inspired by organisational stories including Airbus & the UK defence sector, and world-class catalysts, storytellers & practitioners including Dr Jutta Tobias(Cranfield); Dr Alison Carter (Institute of Employment Studies); Meysam Poorkavoos (Roffey Park); Cristina Jardon (Google Search Inside Yourself); Christine Miller and Bodhin. Back by popular demand: creative space with Aldona Kaczkowski

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The lotus is a symbol of growth and transformation. It blooms thanks to the mud below, just as we too can mindfully work with all that life offers us, helping us flourish and be the best we can be.

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  • Mindfulness introductory sessions and programmes for employees including managers and leaders, focusing on areas including stress management, resilience, emotional intelligence and creativity
  • Mindfulness programmes for the general public (adults, adolescents and children), including MBSR and .b
  • Public speaking and writing

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It is said that for the bird of enlightenment to soar, it requires a wing of insight or mindfulness, and a wing of compassion. At Liz Hall Coaching & associates, we draw on both in all our work, with the aim of helping others to thrive, grow and soar.