With awareness comes choice, with choice comes freedom


The lotus symbolises growth and transformation. It blooms thanks in part to the mud below. So too can we mindfully work with all that life offers us, helping us flourish and realise our true potential in all that we choose to do and be 

Our services include:

  • Executive and personal coaching
  • Mindful Coach development for coaches and for leaders
  • Mindfulness introductory sessions and programmes for employees including managers and leaders
  • Development programmes including for stress management, boosting resilience, enhancing emotional intelligence, and developing creativity
  • Mindfulness programmes for the general public including MBSR
  • Public speaking and writing


It is said the bird of awareness/enlightenment requires a wing of insight or mindfulness, and a wing of compassion. At Liz Hall Coaching & associates, both wings inform our work, with the aim of helping others to thrive, grow and soar.