Body scan

Focus: set your intention to set aside this time for yourself to practice for 10-20 minutes! Sitting or lying comfortably, back straight but not rigid, jaw and shoulders relaxed. Bringing your attention to your body, starting with:

Your feet: noticing what’s there, are they cold or hot? Any tingling, any pain? Noticing your socks/tights/shoes against your feet, feeling where your feet touch the floor/bed. Not getting drawn in by any judgements, just exploring, noticing what is, embracing and sitting with what’s there gently, with curiosity and compassion. If you can’t feel anything, if there’s numbness, that’s OK, just noticing, embracing, letting go. If your mind wanders, congratulating yourself for noticing and bringing your attention back to the practice.

Moving your focus to your ankles, repeating as above…to your shins & calves….to your knees….to your thighs…to your pelvis….to your backside on the bed/seat….to your lower back, noticing any pain or contraction with curiosity, compassion, non-judgement….your stomach, likewise,…your chest, ditto….your shoulders. Being aware that we build storylines around everything, including pain, just being curious and noticing what’s there….your neck, your face…moving down to your arms, your forearms, your hands and fingers.

And when you’re ready, coming out of the practice.